Full Stack developer是怎样的一种存在?


A Full Stack Developer is someone with familiarity in each layer, 
if not mastery in many and a genuine interest in all software technology.  

Good developers who are familiar with the entire stack know how to 
make life easier for those around them.  

上面提到的“each layer”大体分为以下几个方面:

1. Server, Network, and Hosting Environment.  

2. Data Modeling  

3. Business Logic  

4. API layer / Action Layer / MVC  

5. User Interfaces  
    implementing a good visual design is key  

6. User Experience  

7. Understanding what the customer and the business need


1. Ability to write quality unit tests.  

2. Understanding of repeatable automated processes for building the 
application, testing it, documenting it, and deploying it at scale.  

3. An awareness of security concerns is important, as each layer 
presents its own possible valnerabilities.  


I’m not sure you can call yourself a full stack developer until you 
have worked in multiple languages, platforms, and even industries 
in your professional career.   

Full stack goes beyond a 'senior engineer', as it is along the same 
lines as a polyglot programmer but with a higher view of all the 
connecting pieces. Note that on my list, only items 3-5 involve writing code.


1. 为了达到自己的某个目标,能够主动的分析问题,尽力设计出较实现方案。  

2. 如果需要去学习新的技能和知识时,也能积极主动的去学习。

3. Full Stack并不意味着work alone,重点应该是get things done. 

4. Full stack不是为了工作本身,而是为了实现自己的Dream。  


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